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an apologetics series


The Summit is a young adult's conference (ages 17 and up) which seeks to connect young people in the Montreal area and to engage in and discuss relevant topics in their lives today. Most importantly, the conference looks to God's Word as the ultimate authority to answer burning and many times controversial questions. The conference takes place August 9-11, 2019. It is a blend of main sessions and workshops mixed with camping and outdoor activities. 



PART I: The Birth of a Most Unlikely Nation

The Abrahamic Covenant and the Patriarchal Age…


PART II: The Redemption of a Powerless People

The Mosaic Covenant: from Egypt to the desert…


PART III: The Rise of a Kingdom Like No Other

The Davidic Covenant: from Judges to Kings…

The following questions will be answered in this series:

1. Do ancient history & archeology support or contradict the accounts of the Patriarchs?

2. Are there forensic evidences pointing to Israel’s slavery in Egypt and to its Exodus?

3. Is the Davidic dynasty only legend or is it attested by extra-biblical historical records?


Thank you for joining us this year at the Summit! This is a time for you to rest and refresh yourself in God's Word, to make new friendships and cultivate old ones, and to seek and get answers on what God's will is for you in every area of your life. We are excited to see God ignite a greater passion and love for Him and His Word in you.

May you be blessed by the messages from the main speaker and workshop teachers. May God open your weary eyes to see the truths He has in store for you.

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Hudson Community Baptist Church 3141 Cote St-Charles, St-Lazare Quebec, J7T 2H8


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