A Youth Conference With a Purpose

     The Summit


The Summit is a youth conference with a purpose!


Our purpose is to

  • connect youth in the Montreal area. 

  • engage them in discussing relevant topics in their everyday lives through workshops.

  • feed their spirits with Scripturally sound teaching.

  • provide them an atmosphere in the great outdoors that promotes relaxation and fun.


We were hoping to pull off the Summit this year. Unfortunately, due to COVID and all the complexities the situation presents, we won't be able to host our weekend event.

We hope you all are safe and healthy. Rest assured we will begin planning for next year's Summit. We look forward to the day we can host you and your youth group again.



Thank you for joining us this year at the Summit! This is a time for you to rest and refresh yourself in God's Word, to make new friendships and cultivate old ones, and to seek and get answers on what God's will is for you in every area of your life. We are excited to see God ignite a greater passion and love for Him and His Word in you.

May you be blessed by the messages from the main speaker and workshop teachers. May God open your weary eyes to see the truths He has in store for you.