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The Summit is a youth conference with a purpose!


Our purpose is to

  • connect youth in Montreal and the surrounding areas.

  • engage them in discussing relevant topics to their everyday lives through workshops.

  • feed their spirits with Scripturally sound teaching.

  • provide them an atmosphere in the great outdoors that promotes relaxation and fun.


Ages 12-17
September 17th, 2022

Session 1: Undivided (Romans 12:5)


What do we do when we wake up and the world is different, leaving us feeling confused, isolated, and alone? Crisis has a way of dividing us, but Christ has a way of uniting us. The Gospel reminds us that we are undivided and that God can use even the greatest challenges of life to bring us together.


Session 2: A Place For You (Romans 12:5)


What does it mean to be part of the Body of Christ? Where do I belong? How do I fit? Where is my place? In Christ we are loved, accepted, and greatly valued. God has called us into a relationship with himself and with each other, and has gifted us so that we can both encourage and be encouraged. You are welcome here.


Thank you for joining us this year at the Summit! This is a time for you to refresh yourself in God's Word, to make new friendships and cultivate old ones, and to seek and get answers on what God's will is for you in every area of your life. We are excited to see God ignite a greater passion and love for Him and His Word in you.